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We believe that the best way to improve your Spanish is to get involved in activities outside your classes. This is also a great way to get to know the country, and you can take part in as little or as much as you like. As a small school we ask our students what type of activities they would like to do and plan accordingly for the next week. Interested in art? We can visit a local gallery. Football fan? (by which we mean soccer) We can go to a Xelaju MC match.  The idea is that students communicate with their guide (and each other) in Spanish while learning something about life in Guatemala. Most of our students come to the school independently, not part of a group, so activities are a great way to meet other students too. 

Some activities are very cultural and educational and some are just for fun!

Options include watching a documentary about the political situation and history of Guatemala and Central America or watching a Spanish language movie. We also have classes other than languages, such as dance (salsa and merengue) and cooking (learning to make typical Guatemalan food, and eating it afterwards). 

Outside the school we organize excursions to nearby communities to learn how life is in rural Guatemala, or visit local markets or archaeological sites. We also offer longer hikes to mountains, volcanoes, natural saunas and volcanic hot springs.

We do not charge for guiding on these excursions, which last from a few hours to a day, but we ask that students pay their public transport costs to get there. All school organized activities are in groups and acompanied by an experienced guide. 

To see photos of some of our recent activities, please check out our facebook page
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