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Utatlan was founded in 1990 with the mission of providing quality Spanish tuition and an unparalleled cultural experience in Guatemala.

What does Utatlan mean? The school's name comes from the name of the last major city of the Maya-Quiche kingdom which is in the department of Quiche, now a fascinating archaeological site which represents Guatemala’s amazing history. Our school’s logo is a type of Mayan symbol called a nahual which represent the energy or spirit associated with different days in the indigenous Mayan calendar.  The symbol of our logo is called No'j, which represents knowledge and wisdom.

Utatlan is a small school and as such we pride ourselves on offering a personal service to all our students. We have a small staff team who you will get to know well, and we want you to feel part of the family.  During your time here we are here to help you, not just with providing an excellent level of Spanish tuition and with activities during the week and weekends, but also to answer any questions about life in Guatemala and to advise you on your further travel plans.

What we offer:

   Great value for money, we don’t believe in overcharging our students.
   One-on-one classes tailored to your specific needs as a Spanish learner.
   Classes from complete beginner level to advanced students looking to brush up their skills.
   A team of experienced and friendly teachers.
   A home away from home with a relaxed atmosphere, with space to hang out and watch tv or a movie or meet up with friends
   Bilingual staff to help you with whatever you need.
   Free use of internet at any time on our school computers and wifi if you have a laptop.
   Free daily and weekend guided activities such as visiting local towns, Latin American movies, salsa classes and cooking classes.
   Central location, both in our main school building and our beautiful annex.
   Great home stay families who will help you practice your Spanish and teach you about Guatemalan life.
   The opportunity to teach English in our sister school Utatlan English if you are here for 3 months or more, either paid, or in exchange for Spanish lessons. 

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