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From Guatemala City

If you arrive in the day then it is possible to travel straight to Xela on a first class bus for around Q60-Q70 (4 hours). See here for timetables under ‘Pullman bus guide’  You can travel to the bus stations by one of the taxis that wait outside the airport (around Q80/$10) but for the same amount we can also arrange a pickup from the airport and transport to the bus.  If you arrive later than 3pm, we recommend that you spend the night in the city and travel the next day.  The guest house we use charges $24 for a pick up at the airport, a night’s accommodation including breakfast and transport to the bus station the next day.

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From San Pedro or San Marcos, Solola

There are several direct buses per day. Alternatively take a chicken bus or pickup up to the main highway that links Xela and Guatemala city (via San Pablo & Santa Clara), The stop on the highway is called km148 ‘Ciento cuarenta y ocho’.  From the highway get on any bus in the direction of Xela (2-3 hours total journey time).

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From San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

From San Cristobal there are many shuttle companies that run transport to Xela for around $25 (8 hours). An alternative is to take a second class bus to the border at Cuidad Cuauhtemoc, and from there a chicken bus to Xela via Huehuetenango. The second option will cost about half the price of a shuttle but is much less comfortable.

Finding the school

Once in Quetzaltenango finding your way to the school is very simple. From the bus terminal take a bus or a taxi to Parque Central.  In the northwest corner of the park there is a large colonial building with an archway called Pasaje Enriquez.  Utatlan is at the far end on the right hand side. Climb the stairs up to the 2nd floor and you are here!  

12 Avenida, 4-32 (Pasaje Enriquez)
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